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 BIRTHDAY: Bert Hobgen, Coral Kammholz and Ron Zabel are getting ready to celebrate the Lockyer District Indoor Bowls Association's 50th birthday next week.

BOWLS: For the past five decades the mats have been rolled out to enjoy a popular pastime.

Bowlers from across the region will continue the tradition on Monday as they prepare to celebrate the Lockyer District Indoor Bowls Association’s 50th birthday.

The LDIBA will host a special social day of bowls at the Gatton Shire Hall to mark the occasion.

Formed on May 11, 1965, the LDIBA has been the source of social interaction and entertainment for many players.

Today, the association is comprised of five clubs including Ma Ma Creek, Grantham, Gatton RSL, Forest Hill and Laidley.

However, the association has seen other clubs take part including Ropeley, Lutheran Baptist Church, Lockrose and Mulgowie.



The LDIBA has hosted a number of major competitions over the past five decades including the Queensland State Titles in 2008 which had the Gatton Indoor Sports Centre full with mats and players.

The inaugural president was V. Kleidon with bowls first played at Forest Hill and Laidley from 1965 to 1968 with Gatton Show pavilion later thrown into the mix.

The LDIBA affiliated with the Queensland Indoor Bowls Association in 1973 and has played numerous inter-association bowls competitions over the years.

LDIBA senior vice president Bert Hobgen said indoor bowls provided a great social environment.

“The social side of it is great and the friendship and enjoyment of it all,” Mr Hobgen said.

“And just the competitive nature of playing against each other.”

Mr Hobgen hoped the sport would continue well into the future and that the younger generations would get involved.

“Most our members are retirees, so if we can encourage some younger people that would be great,” he said.

Laidley Indoor Bowls 50th birthday
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